Welcome to Peasedown St John!

By Leah Smith in Local People

Anyone driving towards or past Peasedown St John over the last two weeks couldn’t have helped but notice the two brand new, extra large village entrance signs.

Installed recently by Bath and North East Somerset Council’s Highways staff, the signs were funded through the Ward Councillor’s Initiative Fund.

Councillors Karen Walker and Sarah Bevan (Independent, Peasedown St John)

allocated just over £1,000 each from their respective funds. Cllr Walker’s fund

covered the cost of the new sign to the south of the village, and Cllr Bevan’s to the north.

Cllr Karen Walker said: “The new signs look absolutely fantastic! Ever since I became active in the community, almost ten years ago, I’ve taken a special interest in the condition of our street signs.

“Making sure they are clean and regularly updated is essential – not only for the

obvious reason, so we are able to read them, but because they go a long way to enhance community spirit and help residents feel proud of our community.”

The Ward Councillor’s Initiative Fund is allocated to B&NES Councillors each year for them to spend on grassroots projects and initiatives in the areas they represent. Karen and Sarah will be allocated a further £2,000 each from April 2017 for Peasedown St John.

Cllr Sarah Bevan said: “Karen and I have been able to ensure some of our most valuable projects in the community have received financial support over the past two years. Between us we’ve been able to help Dorothy House Outreach Centre, St John’s Church, Peasedown St John Residents’ Association, Wansdyke Play Association, and fund two new publically accessible defibrillators.

“Many of these initiatives would have struggled otherwise.”