Wells Golf Club results

By Leah Smith in Golf

The Triple Six Bowmaker attracted a large number of teams with three formats being played for each of the six holes. The first three placed teams all had 41 points, so the winners were decided on countback. In first place were I. MacArthur and M. Metcalfe followed in second place by J. Rutt and R. Burns. Third place was taken by T. Searle and A. Elkins.

The results of the Triple Six Bowmaker are as follows:

??Winners, first, I. MacArthur and M. Metcalfe, 41 Points (20 back 9), ? second, J. Rutt and R. Burns, 41 points (19 back 9), third, T. Searle and A. Elkins, 41 points (16 back 9). ??2 Spots, ??T. Searle and A. Elkins, ?T. Baker and B. Keys, ?P. Cox and G. Spinks, R. Gay and J. Saint, G. Davis and T. Pope, A. Williams and G. Timson, ?R. Sampson and T. Gooch, M. Edgell and A. Obern, ?J. Mackness and N. Coombs, G. Nutt and T. Taylor.