Somer Valley Foodbank says ‘Thank You’

By Leah Smith in Charity

The new Chairman of the Somer Valley Foodbank has thanked local residents for their support in the run up to the Easter season.

Paul Woodward, who recently took over from Joy Fraser to lead the charity, said: “Thank you so much to everyone who donated Easter eggs to the Foodbank – your generous donations mean that we were able to give an Easter egg to children who needed our help in the run up to Easter this year, and to some of their parents, too.

“Easter is a time of hope. People tell us that the Foodbank gave them hope – hope that there are people that care, hope that things will soon start to look up.

“Last year alone, 617 of the emergency food parcels we provided went to local children. That’s 41% percent.

“Week in, week out at the Foodbank we’re seeing families from across the Somer Valley area who have hit crisis.”

Somer Valley Foodbank volunteers are not only there to give emergency food, but also to sit and chat over a cup of tea, bringing some encouragement when people feel they have hit rock bottom.

Paul added: “The community is fantastic in supporting our work to help local people facing hunger. We know that without their help this Easter, there would have been families who would have struggled to put food on the table on Easter Day, and children across our area who wouldn’t have received an Easter egg, because money is just too tight for their family.”

Going forwards, the Foodbank is always grateful for donations of food and are currently most in need of:

• Coffee

• Cereals

• Fruit juice

• Sponge, rice and other puddings

• UHT and powdered milk

• Tinned tomatoes

• Tinned spaghetti

• Pasta in sauce

• Adult’s toothpaste and deodorants

These can all be donated at local churches and supermarkets.