Paulton looks for volunteers

By Leah Smith in Community News

Recently, an Open Evening was held in Paulton to inform residents about producing a

Neighbourhood Development Plan. This plan would mean that we would have direct power to develop a shared vision for our area, where we would be able to choose where we want any new homes, shops and offices – and what the buildings should look like.

For anyone who missed the Open Evening, there is another opportunity to learn what a Neighbourhood Development Plan would mean for Paulton at the Annual Assembly on Tuesday, 25th April at 7 p.m. in Paulton Village Hall.

We are still looking for people to get involved in forming a Steering Group, to help us develop our vision for Paulton. Put your ideas into action!

If you are interested in planning for housing, in looking at our heritage, in jobs and businesses, in traffic and buses and in local services, please come to the Assembly, or

contact Jeff Humphries who is leading this project by emailing: