Pool League celebrates

By Leah Smith in Other Sports

The Annual Presentation of the Radstock and District Pool League took place recently. Once again, it was held at Westhill Club, and the Committee would like to express their thanks to the Club for accommodating the evening, and for allowing the League to use the venue for the monthly meetings during the season.

They would also like to thank John Newport for being photographer for the evening, Pete Drew, for refereeing, and also Mardons, Prattens, Paulton Rovers and the Dolphin Inn for staging the various competition finals.

Sheila Bull once again provided the buffet for the evening and around one hunfred guests were entertained by the FB Roadshow disco, along with Geoff Urch.

The Division One title was won for the sixth season running by Westhill Club B, although they were keenly chased throughout by runners-up, Ston Easton. In the Second Division, the Red Lion were comfortable winners, whilst Crown Jewels finished as runners-up. Westhill Club B achieved the double for the fourth season in succession, in a repeat of last season’s Team Knock-Out Cup Final, with victory over their closest rivals in Division One, Ston Easton. The Team Knock-Out Plate was won for the first time by Paulton Rovers A, with victory over Westhill Sports.

The Singles competition was won by Paul Quick for the first time in a closely-contested Final against Alan Alsop. Setting a new League record, the Pairs Competition was won for the third time in succession by Anthony Ford and Paul Quick, with Alan Alsop and John Probert having to settle for runners-up. The Over-50s competition saw Alan Alsop having to settle for yet another runners-up spot, as he was beaten to the trophy by Nigel Kerton.

The Under-18s competition saw two new names in the Final with Josh Singtothong coming out on top against Riley Whittock. In a repeat of the 2016 Final, Tilley Edwards once again won the Ladies’ Competition with victory over her team mate and previous winner, Kelly Egan. Dean Newcombe was named as Division One and Overall Player of the Year, just beating Division Two Player of the Year, Alex McAlpine.

The full list of winners is as follows:

Division One: 1st Westhill Club B, 2nd Ston Easton, 3rd Paulton Rovers A. Division Two: 1st Red Lion, 2nd Crown Jewels, 3rd Paulton Rovers D. Also promoted, Riverside, who finished fourth.

Team Knock-Out Cup: 1st Westhill Club B, 2nd Ston Easton. Team Knockout Plate: 1st Paulton Rovers A, 2nd Westhill Sports.

Captain’s Cup: 1st Kev Presley (Kings Arms), 2nd James Chinnock (Crown Jewels).

Pairs Competition: 1st Anthony Ford and Paul Quick (Westhill B/Ston Easton), 2nd A. Alsop and John Probert (King’s Arms).

Ladies’ Competition: 1st Tilley Edwards (Lamb Inn), 2nd Kelly Egan (Lamb Inn).

Under-18s Competition: 1st Josh Singtothong (Purnells), 2nd R. Whittock (Ston Easton).

Over-50s Competition: 1st Nigel Kerton (Re-Lamb), 2nd: Alan Alsop (Kings Arms).

Singles Competition: 1st Paul Quick (Ston Easton), 2nd Alan Alsop (King’s Arms). Third Place Play-off Winner: Tom Porter (King’s Arms).

Award for the Most First Visit Clearances: Paul Quick (Ston Easton).

Players of the Year – Division One: Dean Newcombe (Paulton Rovers A), Division Two: Alex McAlpine (Red Lion), Overall Player of the Year: Dean Newcombe (Paulton Rovers A).