Tough in Tennis!

By Leah Smith in Racquet Sports

It was another tough night for the Writhlington Men, and a clean sweep for the Ladies! Any realistic hopes of the Men’s Firsts and Fourths saving themselves from relegation disappeared with their 8–2 losses.

The Thirds got caught up in an administrative mix-up that saw them go to the wrong venue, which radically reduces their chances of promotion. The Seconds took revenge for an earlier season defeat, and the Fifths continued their rise up the division, with their third consecutive win!

The Ladies’ Firsts may yet avoid relegation, but need a good result at the top team this week. The Seconds now just need four points this week for promotion, and the Thirds are now clear favourites to win the division, having won promotion on Friday, as have the Fourths.

All club members are invited to the end-of-season get-together at the Fromeway on Friday, 14th July at 10 p.m. (after the matches). Free food and the Co-ordinators’ round-up of the season is on offer!

Andy Jeffery