Giant attacked with marshmallows!

By Becky Brooks in Community News

David and Goliath was the theme of Messy church at St John’s Church in Chilcompton. Through making and doing, talking and singing and a 9ft giant, the children learnt how nothing is too big for God!

Our crafts and activities this month included making Goliath wall hangers, making helmets Goliath style, making our own version of a sling shot and sewing a belt pouch to hold marshmallows that we later used for ammunition.

Once armed and ready, the children set to work and used their shooters to bombard our very own, real life, Goliath with marshmallows. When the marshmallows were exhausted and Goliath was still standing, shrieks of laughter could be heard as water balloons took their place.

The afternoon finished with a buffet tea, jelly and ice cream and sheep cakes that the children made. Reminding them that David, who slayed Goliath, was a lowly Shepherd boy.

Messy church is different every time, friendly and welcoming and contains something for everyone. Why not find out for yourself?

We host Messy Church most months, our next event will be on Sunday, 23rd July at 3 p.m. We’d love to see you there!