Camerton Primary School proposes closure

By Becky Brooks in Education

Camerton Church of England Primary School is proposing closure, due to falling pupil numbers. The governing body of Camerton School has formally asked B&NES Council to consult on the governing body’s proposal to close the school, due to so few numbers on the roll.

A Council spokesperson told The Journal this week: “For this September, there would only be seven children in the whole of the school, and the governors believe it would be extremely difficult to provide a rounded education that meets the academic, social and emotional needs of the pupils at Camerton Church School, nor would it enable them to form effective friendship groups in the way they could in a larger school.

“The intention, therefore, is that for the coming year, the school would not operate at Camerton and these seven pupils will be supported to attend Shoscombe Primary School, that are part of the Church Valley Schools Federation, comprising of Camerton, Shoscombe and St Julian’s.

“The Council will follow a statutory process that must be followed when it receives a proposal to close a school. This consists of a public consultation period, followed by publication of a statutory notice, with a further period of public consultation prior to a final decision being made by the Council.

“This process would commence in September 2017 and would be expected to be complete by the end of April 2018. If the decision was made to close the school, the school would close at the end of the summer term in July 2018.”