Were you a Brownie, Guide, or perhaps even a Rainbow if you’re under forty years old? If you were, I am sure you remember the fun, the games, the new friends, and you can probably still recite your Promise. 

Here in Blagdon we have a thriving, very full Rainbow unit and a full Brownie unit. Sadly there is no longer a Guide unit due to lack of leaders. 

Our current Brown Owl travels up from Taunton every week to give her Brownies the wonderful opportunities that Girlguiding offers, plus camps, den making, sleepovers and many, many more amazing activities. However, she needs help. Traveling back and forth is not sustainable long term, so the Brownies need a couple of ladies to help. 

Girlguiding offers all the training you need to become a qualified leader, including safe space training, first aid etc.  

As I mentioned above, sadly we lost Blagdon Guides during covid because of the lack of leaders. 

There are girls in Blagdon and the surrounding villages who would jump at the chance of being Guides. Is there anyone out there prepared to give them that chance - could you? 

Guiding will give you all the support and training to become a leader and the girls would be delighted to have the opportunity. If you are interested, please email: [email protected]

Tigi Higgins