In a letter to The Journal, BanktheFood are calling on the public to help food banks meet the demand they are currently seeing. See below for more:

Dear editor,

With food prices rising and food banks struggling to meet demand, I wanted to share an app that could make a difference. BanktheFood connects you with your local food bank. Whenever the food bank runs low on essentials, the app sends you a list of their most needed items.

But that's not all - the app also sends you an urgent list of needed items when you arrive at the local supermarket, so you can easily pick up a few extra items to donate before you even reach the checkout. Over 34,000 people are already using BanktheFood, helping 350 food banks in communities across the UK.

If you're looking for an easy way to make a difference, please consider giving BanktheFood a try. It's a great way to help your community.