Bath Rugby is asking the public for their viewes on the proposed new stadium at The Recreation Ground.

The club said: “We have created an iconic, yet sensitive design that will deliver an incredible matchday experience.

“But more than that, our proposed design will be a year round civic venue, in service to the city, alongside a redeveloped, more open and well maintained riverside for all to enjoy.”

How the new stadium would look from across the river.
( (Image: Bath Rugby))

Public feedback on the proposals was first sought a decade ago in 2013, with further consultations happening in 2018, but the Covid pandemic delayed Bath Rugby’s plans.

Now a planning application for the new stadium is set to be submitted this year after another round of public consultation.

The first of three consultations this month was held at the Rec on Saturday ahead of the game against Saracens, for those with tickets. Two further consultations will be open to everyone. They will be held on:

  • May 10th, 11am – 7pm. Widcombe Social Club. BA2 6AA
  • May 18th, 3pm – 7pm. First Office Suite, South Stand, The Rec

The plans will see the whole ground moved slightly to the east, away from the river. The centre of the pitch will be aligned with Johnstone Street, which will frame the goal posts at the north end.

New east and west stands will be erected with “floating” cantilever roofs. The tops of these stands will be level with the Grand Parade across the river. The south stand will also be refurbished and extended, and a low uncovered stand will be built at the north end of the pitch.

Bath Rugby also proposed a new “enhanced” riverside, with new planting, walkways, and a cafe.

The club stated: “Talk of the redevelopment of The Rec has gone on for decades, but we are now ready to ask for the city’s permission and build for the future.

“We have a plan which we believe will maintain the unique experience each and every person has on matchday; an experience unavailable in any other stadium around the world – the experience of watching an incredible game on the pitch while only needing to lift your head to the views of Bathwick Hill, the Abbey, the Empire, Johnstone Street and Grand Parade to know that you are in a World Heritage Site.

“The intimate relationship that The Rec and the Club have with the city is utterly unique and something we cherish. Redevelopment will enable us to continue contributing for future generations.”

More information, and a portal to submit your feedback, can be found here: