Recycling collection changes are set to hit people living in the Somerset Council area next week.

The recycling, refuse, and garden collections will happen a day later all week, meaning people will need to remember to put their bins out on the right day.

If your bins were due to be collected on the Bank Holiday Monday, August 28, they will instead be collected on Tuesday August 29, while the houses who would have had their bins collected on Tuesday will instead have theirs collected on Wednesday.

The changes include people who were due to have their bins collected on Friday, with crews now due to come around on Saturday.

People are asked to squash, flatten, or crush their rubbish and recycling so that the extra day’s rubbish does not take up too much more space.

Things will be back to normal next week.

Somerset Council’s 16 recycling centres will be open as usual at the weekend, from 9am to 4pm. If your recycling centre normally opens on a Monday, it will be open 9am to 6pm on the Bank Holiday Monday.

LDRS, John Wimperis

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