Janet Shreeve, who set up her specialist care consultancy Shreeve Care Services, is celebrating her company’s first year in business.

It was twelve months ago that Janet, who lives in Paulton, near Bristol, set up her own company offering professional consultancy to ethical care companies and to individuals who need support in securing care for themselves or their loved ones. Janet has a career in care going back more than twenty years.

“I went into this because I wanted to use my experience to help others as care is often a taboo subject, and yet it’s important in the lives of many people of all ages. I wanted to help ethical, independent care companies to thrive and also to support families who need to access care and don’t know what to do, who to speak to, what their entitlement might be and how to navigate ‘the system’.

“I was expecting it to be a very slow development with maybe two or three clients – and it’s gone in way more directions than I anticipated. I’ve found I’ve been able to facilitate business development within several care organisations, launched a bid and tendering support process for other companies in the care sector as well as helping individuals and families to navigate care.”

It was back in 2008, that Janet lost her job at the time and, recently divorced, was looking for a new career. She got a role with a live-in care company and later moved to Bristol to be closer to her family yet stayed in care – a sector she loves.

“I love the South West and made the decision to make it my home. I then went on professionally to set up a live-in care service for a large care organisation; Care UK. When that role ended I set up my first company with an ex-colleague around live-in care and our plan was to sell it in five years. During the fourth year we were made an offer we couldn’t refuse.”

After selling her first company, Janet worked within another company before deciding that being self-employed was a better option for her, even though some people might think she should ‘retire’!

“I hate the word ‘retirement’. I’m 66 and I’ve still got lots to offer, backed up by years of experience and I have no plans of stopping now.”

Over the next year, Janet will be expanding her business working alongside her team member and bid writing specialist Julie Prowse who has been with her since the first day. She also plans to launch a podcast later this year to explore all aspects of care to help educate listeners around the issue.