The Somer Valley Foodbank held its annual Christmas collection in conjunction with the Trussell Trust and Tesco, from 1st to 3rd December.

Tesco in Paulton were a great support in hosting the event, helping the volunteers with a warm welcome and refreshments.

The local community gave very generously, giving:

597.5 Kgs of products on Thursday 1st

781.4 Kgs of products on Friday 2nd

1,131.8 Kgs of products on Saturday 3rd

Paul Woodward, Somer Valley Foodbank Coordinator, said: “In total we took 2,510.7 Kgs in two hundred and three crates to our Warehouse after the collection. This compares very favourably with the 1,501.6 Kgs collected at our Christmas collection in 2021.

“Especially as times are hard for everyone but the people of the Somer Valley area have again shown their compassion and willingness to help others in need.”

The collection means that the Somer Valley Foodbank is now in a very good position to help families and individuals who are in crisis, which is the main aim of the foodbank.

Anyone who has no money for food should contact the foodbank via the methods below to get information on how to obtain a food voucher.

If anyone is interested in volunteering for the foodbank, which involves a two hour stint once a month on a Wednesday at Paulton or a Friday at Peasedown, please email: [email protected]