THE Greenway Gallery is set to host ‘Connection and Belonging’, an art exhibition featuring works from young artists.

Situated at the Free Rangers Forest School site in Midsomer Norton, the exhibition will bring together a collection of works created to celebrate play in childhood and the power of nature connection as a way to future-proof the planet, ensuring that future generations and nature may thrive.

The ‘Connection and Belonging’ exhibition will be open for public viewing from May 27-June 7. The gallery will be open from 10am to 2pm daily during this time.

Work from more than 200 artists, most of whom are under five years old, will feature. Contributors have used the world around them to create, utilising the natural environment. Sculptures have been made with reclaimed and reimagined materials; expressions made through movement and mark-making.

Free Rangers Forest School and The Universal Farm seek to re-wild education alongside re-wilding 30 acres of farmland to become a biodiverse and sustainable landscape for learning, fully immersing all in nature whilst living and learning in a way that holds the planet in mind.

Locally produced refreshments are available to purchase on some days and the glorious greenway is right on the doorstep for a reflective walk after experiencing the exhibition.