Members of the Bristol Airport Action Network (BAAN) gathered with fellow campaigners in Bristol today (Tuesday, 31st January) as the High Court ruled for the expansion of Bristol Airport to go ahead.

BAAN, which houses many members from the Chew Valley, have been campaigning against the expansion since planning was put in for the airport to increase its capacity from ten million to twelve million passengers per year.

The Journal and Chew Valley Gazette have been reporting on this since plans were put forward, see articles explaining the expansion plans, here:

The Journal reached out to Metro Mayor Dan Norris, for his comment on the High Court ruling: "“The deep concerns of local people and the decisions of local politicians have come into head-on collision with national government policy that is not fit for purpose.

"For all their warm words this decision shows the government is not serious about the climate emergency.

"Lord Justice Lane confirmed today that the expansion will impact the environment but as we know Government policy gives no consideration to the combined impact of airport emissions.

"This must change. We are all seeing the devastating effects of climate change with floods in Keynsham a few weeks ago and record breaking temperatures this summer. So many plants and animals are under threat of being lost for ever.”

The Journal have reached out to BAAN for comment.