The children of local school Norton Hill Primary have once again taken part in the seasonal B&NES ‘Gift a Book’ charity campaign.

The campaign, which began in 2019, collects good quality books from all genres, age-ranges and formats. These donations provide people who might not otherwise receive a Christmas present, with the wonderful gift of a book. The campaign- co-ordinated by libraries within the area- distribute the books collected to a variety of charities and organisations such as children’s centres and MIND.

The children and families of Norton Hill Primary have supported the campaign since 2022 and hope to continue this as an annual event, co-ordinated by the school’s Parent Kind Association. The children have been developing their understanding of citizenship and community by getting involved with this and other local charity drives.

Headteacher Mrs Siobhan Waterhouse said: ‘We never fail to be impressed with the kindness and efforts of our children and the generosity of the families of our school.”

Thanks to the amazing efforts of the children, approximately five hundred books have been delivered to Midsomer Norton Library where staff will add them to the collection from the local community, showing that amongst all the sparkle and excitement of Christmas, they have compassion and kindness towards those in need.