Wow! What a week at Longvernal. To anyone that had the pleasure of visiting the school this week, it would have been clear that developing aspirations and cultural capital is integral to the ethos at Longvernal!

The school was abuzz with everything STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths)! From professionals that work in STEM careers giving fascinating talks to the pupils about what they do to activities in class and a whole school assembly, the week has been both fun-packed and inspirational.

On Thursday, they held an all-day event in the school hall, where each class demonstrated investigations they had been working hard on during the week. Every class was given the opportunity to try each other’s experiments and grown-ups were invited in at the end of the day to learn something new through their children’s investigations.

Reception Class investigated how strong the Three Little Pigs’ houses really were. Year 1 tested how airflow affects how quickly water flows out of a bottle, Year 2 were testing material absorption, Year 3 asked participants to work out what objects were in dark boxes to demonstrate how we see objects, Year4 tested what shapes and materials best amplify phone speakers, Year 5 showed the power of magnets by demonstrating how to levitate paper clips and Year 6 used Lego men with mini oxygen tanks to demonstrate how density affects buoyancy in water.

What a fantastic week it has been! Both children and adults alike have learned a lot about STEM subjects.

Chrissie Richards