St Mary’s C of E Primary School and Nursery welcomed esteemed author Stewart Foster for an engaging and insightful visit on Tuesday 12th December 2023.

Stewart, acclaimed for his heart warming and thought-provoking children’s literature, engaged with the children, encouraging a love for reading and storytelling.

During his visit, Stewart conducted an interactive sessions with children form Key Stage Two, imparting the magic of storytelling and sharing his experiences as a writer. His books, including “The Bubble Boy” and “All the Things That Could Go Wrong,” have captivated young readers worldwide, touching on themes of resilience, friendship, and empathy.

St Mary’s head teacher, Ms Cathie Lampert, expressed enthusiasm about Stewart’s visit, stating, “We are thrilled to host Stewart Foster at our school. His ability to connect with young readers through his stories is fantastic. We believe his visit will inspire our students and ignite their passion for reading and creative expression.”

Stewart Foster’s visit aligns with St Mary’s commitment to nurturing a vibrant reading culture and encouraging literacy among its students. His engaging presence promises an enriching experience for the school community.

In addition, Stewart formally opened the new school library. Since the new library was finished a few weeks ago, children have been able to enjoy new books with their friends during lunch times, spending time recommending books to each other and sharing their love of reading. Recently six pupils applied for the role and became the school’s new librarians, leading others in their reading quest. Parents and carers will be invited into school next term to read stories with their children in the new library.