St Mary’s C of E Primary School and Nursery in Writhlington have had an amazing day filled with Coronation activities bringing this momentous occasion alive for the children at the school.

Children have learned about the history of the monarchy, thought about British symbols and our British Values, learnt about India and the Commonwealth, suggested Oaths that the King may like to make, designed a new stamp to mark the occasion, painted the King’s portraits in the style of Monet, used Design and Technological skills to make a movable crown for the king and even baked quiches – the Coronation official dish.

The children, dressed in red, white and blue, celebrated their learning at a whole school worship where the National Anthem was sung with gusto.

Parents enjoyed Afternoon Tea during the afternoon and were joined by the children after school. A raffle will be drawn at the end of term to win luxury hampers filled with- you’ve guessed it- red, white or blue items!

Children are challenged over the next few weeks to take part in the BIG HELP OUT! The task is to complete 5 tasks to help people, or make them smile. Coronation prizes, in honour of the King, will be awarded to all who take part.

Children have already begun: some have completed litter picking in the school grounds or local area, baked cakes for the elderly, cleaned bathrooms or cars, looked after siblings and even writing a letter of thanks to the headteacher. Generosity and Service is one of our school Christian Values and the children of St Mary’s certainly demonstrate this.