Commenting on the King’s Speech today (Tuesday, 7th November), the West of England’s Metro Mayor, Dan Norris, said: “The Tories are out of ideas, out of touch, and out of time. The West of England really needs them out of office too.

“The King’s Speech is where government lays out its programme. But where is the long-term serious plan to tackle this terrible cost-of-living crisis that is so frightening to so many of the one million people I represent? And why is there nothing here on dentistry, the many, many skills shortages we have, or insulating and retrofitting our homes?

“Rishi Sunak is scrapping 18 manifesto commitments and his own leadership pledges. These include banning imports from trophy hunting of endangered animals - something I find unforgivable.

“Hunting endangered animals must be confined to history. We must stop the selfish trophy hunters and the Conservative government must stop siding with these killers.

“I agree with the PM’s admission that the country needs change. He’s absolutely right.

"But the solution is not a fifth Tory term. Local people know that means carrying on with the failures of the last thirteen years - sky-high mortgages, soaring prices, a shoplifting and crime epidemic across the country, and crumbling schools and hospitals.

“In contrast to a Tory Party that has given up on governing, instead offering only gimmicks, division, and more of the same, Labour will this week set out how Labour’s five long-term missions will help get Britain’s future back."