POLITICAL comedian Nish Kumar is heading to Bath’s “cool mad old theatre” The Forum with his new show later this year.

His “Nish, Don’t Kill My Vibe” tour will be in Bath in October, with “80 minutes of sweet, sweet vibe killing, plus support act and interval.” The comedian has previously performed at both Komedia and the Forum and faced the “absolute carnage” of getting the last train from the city back to London.

Nish Kumar said: “It’s a place I’ve done a lot of gigs in. There was a period where they would keep the bar open in the train, which is one of the worst ideas I have ever come across. […] It used to leave Bath really late, at maybe 11.30pm or midnight.

“It was like Con Air or like the Purge or something. Everyone would be so drunk and I would be completely sober.”

He said: “I remember going to a friend of mine’s wedding in Bath and getting on the train with one of my other friends and me being like: ‘You need to keep your wits about you’ and she was like: ‘It won’t be that bad.’

“And there was just a full fight in one of the carriages. And I said to her: ‘We are just going to sit in first class.’ And she was like: ‘What if we get in trouble?’

“And I was like: ‘Are you kidding me? We aren’t going to get in trouble for sitting in first class — there’s a royal rumble happening in Coach D.”

He said: “But otherwise very much looking forward to coming to Bath. The Forum is such a cool mad old theatre. It’s always nice to do a show there.”

While he is writing part of the show now, the first 20 minutes or so will be written “on the day.” Nish said: “For me, the fun of every tour I’ve done since 2016 is that I then have this section that changes every day.

“So then you’ve have that nice feeling of the security of the written show but also there’s something that’s going to make every show be its own thing and its own experience.”

As well as his stand up and being a regular fixture on panel shows, Nish has been working at a host of local newspapers alongside fellow comedian Josh Widdecombe for the second series of “Hold the Front Page,” which goes out on Sky Max later this month.

Nish said: “It’s a very hard job and the comedy comes from us not doing it very well.”

But its not his only foray into the field of news, having been presenter for satirical news show “The Mash Report” and its successor “Late Night Mash.” As the former presenter, does he have any thoughts on local politician Jacob Rees-Mogg’s (quite different) topical opinion show, “State of the Nation” on GB News?

He said: “Can I be totally honest with you? Not only have I not watched GB News, I’m not totally sure of how to get it on my television.”

Nish Kumar will be at The Forum in Bath on October 12. Tickets for the tour are available from www.nishkumar.co.uk.