Wookey Hole is proud to unveil a brand new visitor experience for 2024 - a giant moon, suspended 70 metres underground in front of a backdrop of new lighting, to showcase the wonders of caves in a whole new light.

Visitors are invited to experience the thrill of seeing the colossal moon shining bright in the tallest, publicly accessible cave, Chamber 9. The huge 5.5m moon is a giant leap forward for a million-pound programme of investment that is underway at the site to enhance the visitor experience and infrastructure at the attraction.

This latest addition is set to ignite the imaginations of explorers of all ages, by illuminating the features and stories of this special place. This new addition to the visitors’ experience in the caves, follows the opening of Chamber 20 in 2015.

Whether visitors are interested in legends, history or building memories to last a lifetime, the new lighting installation will tick all boxes. The unveiling of the moon “lands” in time for the Easter Holidays and will add a new dimension to Wookey Hole’s reputation for an extraordinary family day out.

Ellen Ramsay, spokesperson for the Cottle Family – which owns and runs Wookey Hole – said: “At Wookey Hole, if you can dream it, it can happen. It’s such a unique destination.

“The moon is a powerful symbol of magic and imagination, witchcraft and human endeavour, so it is a perfect fit for the caves with their rich history and enduring legends. It’s a privilege to be able to share this beautiful underground landscape with the public and entertain them in true Wookey Hole fashion along the way.”

The moon was set to be installed by March 23 marking the start of Wookey Hole’s Big Easter Event.

Visitors will also get to enjoy a fun Easter Egg Hunt, with free chocolate treats for children to take home, and a new 4D film, ‘Chaos in Wonderland’, where creatures from an amusement park come to life after dark including pirates, fairies and dinosaurs – much like the inhabitants at Wookey Hole.

The Wookey Hole Adventure Golf, a firm favourite with visitors, has also had a facelift for spring, and the Wookey Hole Circus will be performing new live shows throughout the holidays, with real-life magic and daring feats, adding an extra layer of wonder to the Wookey Hole experience.

For more information about Wookey Hole, its upcoming events or to book a stay, please visit www.wookey.co.uk.