A SERIES of new wildlife film’s introduce audiences to eight animal species in the Mendip Hills. The series is presented by Mike Dilger, who is a wildlife expert and a television presenter. The champion species featured in the films are the adder, greater horseshoe bat, Cheddar pink, dormouse, black oil beetle, water vole, small pearl bordered fritillary and skylarks.

Wildlife presenter, Mike Dilger, presents the film’s with an expert on each species, accompanied with unique footage that has been shot across the area.

Requiring special permissions, some of the unique footage has never been seen before.

There is ongoing threat that could see these vulnerable species disappearing from landscapes and the lives of wildlife enthusiasts forever.

Mr Dilger said: “Being involved in a project close to both my heart and home has been a joy from beginning to end.

“Having spent the spring and summer of 2023 filming everything from bats to butterflies and birds to beetles has reconfirmed to me how special the Mendip Hills are, not just for wildlife, but also for those lucky enough to share it with nature on a regular basis.”

“These films were shot in their entirety within the confines of the National Landscape, and, hopefully, will be a valuable resource for the National Landscape team to remind everyone who watches that we can all help to protect and conserve the champion species highlighted and the habitats on which they rely. We also want to remind everyone why the 'magical Mendips' should never be taken for granted.”

The debut of these films will be released on Friday, March 15, and the episode introduces the audiences to all of the Champion species. Mike answers the question ‘why are the Mendip Hills so important for wildlife?

The first champion species to be in the spotlight is the skylark bird, with a perky small tuft on its head, and singing a song for most occasions, these are charming little birds which are vulnerable and need help.

Each week following on from March 15, a new film will be released on the Mendip Hills website. Nature Recovery on mendiphills-nl.org.uk.

Mike Dilger is an ecologist, natural history presenter and writer. Mike has had a long-life held passion for British and tropical flora and fauna and the BBC’s The One Show has shown many of his regular features.