Like a young love affair, seeds have so much promise and growing them can be one of the most rewarding experiences in gardening.

Now is the time that shops are getting fresh seeds in for the coming season, so the question is what to buy and how to grow them.

If you’re new to growing from seed then my advice would be to buy a cheap seed: either the cheapest price point in a range such as Suttons or a range from a discounter such as LIDL or Wilko. The reason is that cheap seed comes from plants that are easy to grow. This will be much more enjoyable than fretting over seeds that need a lot of specialist care.

Many plants have their own requirements for seed germination and a certain amount of trial and error is required. However, there are certain principles. Seeds of hardy plants can be started outside in milder weather: some gardeners say that the ideal starting conditions for these seeds are when crocuses are in bloom. Any earlier and they will likely rot in the cold, damp conditions.

Seeds of tender plants need to be grown in warmer temperatures: either inside on a windowsill or in a heated propagator/greenhouse in the coming weeks or outside once the weather warms up in May/June.

For the moment I have broad beans growing in toilet roll inners in an unheated propagator and hardy annual Cerinthe growing in a tray in my front porch. These will be added to pretty much weekly from now until May so that I can plant my seedlings out little-by-little.