The family of a 42-year-old man who died in a collision on the A38 Bridgwater Road in Barrow Gurney last Tuesday morning (April 18) have released a tribute.

Marcin Haberski, was the occupant of a car parked in a layby at the time of the collision. Sadly, he died at the scene from his injuries.

The tribute reads: “On the 18th of April, our lives were shattered and we are still in shock and disbelief. Marcin was a remarkable, exceptional person whose loss has left us utterly devastated. We cannot begin to express the depth of our sorrow, pain and anguish at this time.

“Our beloved Marcin was suddenly taken from us in a collision, the circumstances of which are impossible to fathom. There are no words to describe the turmoil, the heartbreak, the profound grief and the feeling of utmost unfairness and injustice that overwhelm us. It will be beyond difficult to come to terms with what has happened.

“Marcin had most of his life before him. He was loving, kind-hearted, thoughtful, compassionate and reliable, deeply caring for people around him. He worked as a software architect at Digital Health and Care Wales, supported the organisation through COVID initiatives and leading the Homes for Ukraine project with the Welsh Government. He was the best dad and a very proud dad, who loved and cherished his daughter above all. Our life together was stolen from him and from us. It is still unreal and feels like a bad dream. We will forever miss him.

“We would like to thank everyone who has shown much love and support in this impossible situation.

“As a grieving family we ask everyone, including the press, to respect our privacy and not to contact us for further statements. We would appreciate it if our family could be given space and time to mourn. We also ask not to post pictures or videos on social media.”