An old garage in a village on the edge of Somerset could be demolished and replaced with two new homes.

Central Garage is on Bristol Road in Whitchurch, just a short distance from the bridge that leads out of Somerset and into the city. But it has sat vacant since 2021 and is now “in a state of disrepair.”

Now Creo Properties Ltd have submitted a planning application to Bath and North East Somerset Council to knock it down and build two three-bedroom homes on the site. Plans show two semi-detached homes with each of the six bedrooms planned across the site having a balcony facing out to the road.

A statement submitted with the planning application said: “This site currently contributes negatively to the locality due to its poor condition and lack of commercial viability. The site is currently unoccupied and cannot be returned to use without substantial investment.

“Its location makes it appropriate for sustainable residential development. […] It should be possible to propose a viable scheme that will be a great improvement on the existing.”

You can view and comment on the plans here.