GREEN Councillor Sam Ross attended the official opening of Keynsham’s state-of-the-art recycling hub.

The facility showcases the Green Group's support for recycling initiatives in the Bath and North East Somerset area.

Councillors Joanna Wright and Saskia Heijltjes also embarked on a comprehensive tour of the facility, underscoring the Greens' steadfast commitment to sustainable resource management, as delineated in their recycling policies.

The Green Group has been persistent in its commitment to minimising environmental impact and advocating for responsible resource use. Their endorsement of the Keynsham Recycling Hub reflects their unwavering dedication to projects that promote sustainable resource management and environmental conservation.

Expressing her excitement for the innovative features of the Hub, Councillor Joanna Wright said: "It's inspiring to witness such dedication to sustainability and efficiency in our community. The investments made in this facility perfectly align with the Green vision for responsible resource management."

The Keynsham Recycling Hub marks a significant milestone in waste management for the region, consolidating multiple depots into one cutting-edge facility that reduces costs while prioritising both functionality and environmental sustainability. Noteworthy features of the hub include rainwater harvesting, renewable energy generation, and biodiversity enhancements.

The first phase of the Keynsham Recycling Hub was completed on April 17, 2023. It is a central depot for more than 100 recycling and refuse collection vehicles. More than 200 operations and support staff are based in the offices and welfare facilities on site.

Councillor Ross emphasised the importance of community engagement and social responsibility in environmental initiatives, stating: "The Social Value Plan associated with this project demonstrates the positive impact that sustainable development can have on our communities. It's great to see local businesses, educational institutions, and residents coming together to support this vital initiative."

Crafted in collaboration with the council, the Social Value Plan underscores a commitment to supporting the local community in Keynsham and the broader B&NES area. Through this plan, the recycling hub provides employment and training opportunities, thereby boosting the local economy and fostering community engagement.

These visits serve as a testament to the Green Group's dedication to advocating for policies that prioritise sustainability and address the challenges of climate and ecological emergencies. With a rich legacy of environmental sustainability, social justice, and progressive policies, the Green Group remains committed in their mission to build a greener and more equitable future for all.

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