Somer Valley Foodbank, social welfare project marks a decade of service to the community, set up in January 2013 marks its ten year anniversary this week.

The Somer Valley Foodbank, originally established as a collaboration between local churches and community leaders, is nestled under the charitable status of St John’s Church, Peasedown St John.

The foodbank, which runs food distribution centres in Midsomer Norton, Radstock, Paulton and Peasedown, has been at the forefront of helping some of the local area’s most needy ever since its doors opened.

Paul Woodward is the project’s coordinator. He said: “Thanks to all the local businesses, Churches and community groups that have supported the Somer Valley Foodbank over the past decade. Your help and encouragement has enabled us to provide a support and advice service to those that need it the most.

“Now, more than ever before over the last ten years, there has never been a greater need for the Somer Valley Foodbank’s existence. With the rise in the cost of of living, and more people finding it difficult to make ends meet, we’re seeing an unprecedented demand for our services.”

Since January 2013, 7,296 food vouchers have been issued across the Somer Valley. That’s 19,485 people fed – 10,689 adults and 8,796 children.

Of those visiting the distribution centes, single people are using the service the most, followed by families, single-parent families and then couples.

A staggering 172,300 tonnes of food have been given out!

The foodbank is run by a large team of volunteers, 75 in total who keep the project running each and every week.

“We wouldn’t be able to support the amount of people we do without our dedicated volunteers”, added Paul, “of our 75 volunteers, 30 have been with us since the very beginning.”

The Somer Valley Foodbank’s large team of volunteers are going to be thanked at an upcoming event. They all give up their time for free to either help out at the warehouse, collect food and donations, drive vehicles or staff one of the four distribution centres.

Foodbanks provide three days of emergency food to people who need it the most. Professionals such as health visitors, social workers and the CAB identify people in crisis and issue them with a Foodbank voucher.

The voucher can be taken to a Foodbank distribution centre where a friendly team of volunteers will offer a cup of tea and help people with their food needs.

For more information about the Somer Valley Foodbank visit:, email: [email protected] or call: 07729523986