As B&NES Council voted to split £802,000 cuts to the Third Sector over two years, Director of B&NES 3SG Becky Brooks told The Journal “It is imperative that we all work together collectively” over future decisions.

Director of B&NES 3SG, Becky Brooks, told The Journal: “Whilst Third Sector contracts in B&NES, including Children's Services, will still be seeing a £1.1m reduction in funding over the next two years, we are grateful to the Council for its willingness to listen to representation.

“Hopefully lessons have been learnt in terms of the importance of timely and proactive consultation, and we welcome the opportunity to be involved in these discussions going forward.

“We know that local authorities across the country have stark decisions to make regarding funding, but it is time to start thinking differently. Preventative services need investment, not cuts - we are actively asking the Council to be brave and bold in its approach and not doing more of the same, because doing that is easier.

“It is imperative that we all work together collectively to find a way forward in a challenging environment and ensure that the needs of vulnerable residents are protected through the essential work that local charities and their services provide."