Former North East Somerset MP Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg is understood to be filming a new documentary which will show family life behind closed doors at his 17th century country home.

Sir Jacob had to hand back the North East Somerset and Hanham seat to Dan Norris - which he took from the Labour man in 2010 - after a landslide defeat in last week’s General Election.

The series, thought to be titled Meet The Moggs, is coming to The Discovery+ channel according to a number of national news outlets. The series could take a similar style to The Kadashians and is expected to shine a spotlight on the star and his wife, Helena, and their six children.

Sir Jacob was one of a number of prominent Tories to have lost their seat at the polls on Thursday, July 4, and the show is expected to have captured his efforts on the campaign trail in Somerset via the production company Optomen.

Mr Rees-Mogg is not the first MP to turn to TV following politics. The move follows the likes of Nigel Farage on I’m A Celebrity and Matt Hancock on SAS: Who Dares Wins.

The former GB News presenter left families in shock last month when he walked into their children’s first holy communion with a camera crew.

A insider told The Sun: “Jacob and his family have been filming for the last couple of months but no one expected the General Election to be announced.

“It was gold for the show however and gave a real insight into what family is like for working MPs.

“Basically it’s being sold as the British version of the Kardashians and will be warts and all”, the source added.

A camera crew also arrived with him at the Popular Conservative group’s conference yesterday.

Rees-Mogg shares children Peter Theodore Alphege, Mary Anne Charlotte Emma, Thomas Wentworth Somerset Denton, Anslem Charles Fitzwilliam, Alfred Wulfric Leyson Pius and Sixtus Dominic Boniface Christopher with wife Helena de Chair, who he married in 2007.

Sir Jacob started his career working for a hedge fund in the City of London before unsuccessfully standing in the 1997 and 2001 elections. He also campaigned for Britain to leave the European Union in the Brexit referendum in 2016, and is an ally of Boris Johnson, who appointed him leader of the House of Commons in 2019.