MPs have overwhelmingly voted to accept the evidence in the damming Partygate report into Boris Johnson - but without the support of regional MPs Jacob Rees Mogg and Jack Lopresti. Commenting on North East Somerset’s MP Jacob Rees-Mogg and his stance on the committee’s report on Partygate yesterday (Monday, 19th June), Metro Mayor Dan Norris said: “Language from Mr Rees-Mogg calling the report’s sanctions ‘vindictive’ does not help our democracy. It’s Trump-like and dangerous.  “Sadly some Tory MPs didn’t care when they made Mr Johnson PM, and they don’t care now.

“The public must be able to trust a Prime Minister to tell the truth. Boris Johnson lied repeatedly, and it is right that he be held to account for undermining our democracy.”

Commenting on MP Jack Lopresti, Mr Norris continued: “Unlike other local Tory MPs, Mr Lopresti wouldn’t stand up and be counted to say what is undoubtedly the case: that Mr Johnson lied. The public will take a dim view of that.”