Shops in Paulton received a visit from Mayor Dan Norris and his team of cheaper energy-bills experts who went door-to-door in the High Street.

The “Energy Bill Blitz” is an initiative from the West of England Mayoral Combined Authority designed to help local shops slash their bills and emissions at the same time.

Despite recent falls in the energy price cap, the cost of gas and electricity has skyrocketed since 2021. The Federation of Small Businesses in their recent Small Business Index found higher costs continue to be a major concern for smaller firms.

Plus, the Government’s Energy Bills Discount Scheme, which offered much less support than a previous government programme, was withdrawn at the end of March and has not been replaced.

In response to these issues, Mayor Norris and his team of experts have been going door-to-door on high streets across the region to invite firms to apply for free grants of up to £15,000 from the West of England Mayoral Combined Authority - to help them install things like a more energy efficient fridge or coffee machine at a cafe, to double glazed windows at a local corner shop.

They will be guided by experts with 25 years of experience to offer practical advice, guidance and support on how to reduce energy bills, starting with inviting firms to take a free carbon survey.

Other shops that have taken part in the Mayor’s Energy Bill Blitz have saved up to £2,000-plus from their annual bills and slashed their carbon emissions. Dan Norris, West of England Mayor, said: “Paulton shops have been facing a tough time during this cost-of-living-crisis. That’s why I’m acting through another Energy Bill Blitz.

“The idea is simple. I’ve been concerned that historically only those ‘in the know’ got support from the West of England Mayoral Combined Authority I lead. I’m changing that.

“I’m delighted my team of cheaper energy bills experts and I are going door-to-door in Paulton to explain what’s on offer, and help give a shot in the arm to more brilliant local firms – helping slash their bills for good, and helping the planet at the same time.”

More than 160 firms in total have reduced their energy bills through green grants from the West of England Mayoral Combined Authority since May 2021.

Shops can also contact 0117 332 1520 or [email protected] for further information on support to cut bills.