Residents of Monger Lane, in Midsomer Norton, have been spreading Christmas cheer this year with their very own ‘Christmas Advent Trail’.

Gemma Carroll, who lives on the estate with her husband and two young children, wanted to bring everyone together this Christmas and light-up their street with festive fun.

After seeing a similar trail on her friend’s street, Gemma decided to organise her own ‘Advent Trail’ where residents of participating houses would each decorate their windows on their given day in December.

Day number three saw Santa and his Reindeer.
(Gemma Carroll)

All houses in the trail were given a letter, which would eventually create a Christmas saying in the form of an anagram on the last day of Advent.

The completion of the anagram will come to light on Christmas Eve where all participating children, who have cracked the code, will receive gifts kindly given out by a generous resident.

Gemma, said: “I added ‘search the letters’ to bring a bit more fun to it. Each window goes up for each date in December, ending on the 24th and the anagram will spell out a phrase, so the children and families will need to work out what it spells.

“Twenty-four houses have taken part, with each letter having to be shown in their window display so on Christmas Eve the last letter will complete the saying.

Each house created an entirely different Christmas scene to the other.
(Gemma Carroll)

“One resident, Jo Hunt, has been so lovely and offered to make personalised gifts for all of the children taking part - Christmas Eve plate, cup, reindeer food, colouring book, all these different amazing gifts for the children participating. They will knock on her door on Christmas Eve and get a present!

“It has been great to see how involved everyone has been and how nicely they have done their windows. Some people have done more ‘grown-up’ displays and others have let their children do them, so we have seen a real mix. It has worked really well and we are even thinking about extending it to Easter!”

Some of the windows hid their numbers and letters, making it a bit harder for the children to find.
(Gemma Carroll)

Bethany, Gemma’s four-year-old daughter, said how her favourite window display was theirs. Jake, her brother, agreed as they did their window as a family and described the scene as the Grinch in the window, standing next to the Christmas tree and Santa Claus coming down the chimney to give out presents, a perfect way to start the festive celebrations!