A painting of Midsomer Norton
(M. Forster)

Martin Forster, aged 61, and a resident of Midsomer Norton since the early 1980s, has been painting seriously for the last twenty years. He paints wonderful pictures of local historical photographs and turns them into intricate paintings.

The bug started when Martin’s wife enrolled him on a watercolour course, in the local area, the tutor advised that he used acrylics as his detail was so amazing and he progressed from there. He paints different things but by large focuses on old transport. He said, “I think the train interest stems from the fact that most of my family were train drivers, at the GWR in Bristol, going back to the Victorian times, so I suppose it’s in my genes.

“Painting is relaxing and it’s nice to see the finished results, and also trying out different methods. I mostly use traditional methods though.”

Martin has even had one of his paintings made into a jigsaw. He went to a car show, and someone was selling jigsaws of their photos, he enquired as to how that was done and contacted the company.

He has sold some original paintings, but mainly sells prints on Facebook and local shops. With results this great, let’s hope his family continue with their tradition.

Midsomer Norton train
(M. Forster)