Wera Hobhouse MP has shown her support for reforming rail fares and ticketing at an event held in Portcullis House on the 12th of December. The MP for Bath attended an event in Parliament hosted by Campaign for Better Transport where they joined other MPs in calling for a fairer ticketing system which makes booking easier and provides better value for passengers.

Campaign for Better Transport’s report, A fare future for rail: A blueprint for fares and ticketing reform calls for urgent reform to provide a fairer system with simpler ticketing which makes booking easier and provides better value for passengers.

Amongst other things, the national transport charity wants to see a ‘Best Price Guarantee’ trademark introduced on all tickets to reassure passengers they are always getting the best value fare for their journey; a government-funded trial of low-cost public transport passes, like in Germany and France; and a Rail Miles frequent traveller scheme which rewards passengers the more they travel by train.

Wera Hobhouse, Liberal Democrat MP, commented:

“People shouldn’t be put off travelling by train because tickets are too confusing, but unfortunately this is often the case.

“In their new report, Campaign for Better Transport has shown how our current ticketing system is full of bizarre rules and inconsistencies that mean passengers aren’t getting value for money. This needs to change.

“We need to create an easy-to-use fares and ticketing system that can drive more business onto our railways and make taking the train simpler and more affordable for everyone.”

Norman Baker from the charity Campaign for Better Transport, said:

“Rail passengers deserve better than a confusing fares system that’s inconsistent and costly. With 55 million types of tickets available on our rail network, it’s little wonder that people are put off taking the train. In our report, we’ve put forward 16 actionable recommendations for reform, to transform this outdated system, restore passenger confidence and guarantee simplicity and affordability”.