Last week’s Mystery Photograph attracted lots of attention - and many correct guesses. We were indeed at Howell's Bakery, situated in the Old Toll House, Peasedown St John.

Mystery Photograph Howell's Bakery, Old Toll House, Peasedown St John
This week's Mystery Photograph was of Howell's Bakery, situated at the Old Toll House, Peasedown St John. (Photo: Radstock Museum). (Radstock Museum)

Thank you to Radstock Museum who supplied the photograph.

Well done to Sid Johnson, Paul Hancock, Colin Button, Rosemary Burchill, Gilmour Jones, Colin Rich, David Young, Les Box, Hannah Selway, Roy Barnes, Val Rogers, Eddie Attwood and Norma Attwood.

Vince Gill guessed correctly and said: “The photo this week is in Peasedown St John, it is the house at red post that used to be a bakery many years ago”.

Well done to Kevin Maggs for guessing correctly. Mr Maggs has a personal connection to this week’s photograph. He said: “The mystery photo was taken in Peasedown, it was called the old bakery. I lived there as a child. We left when I was sixteen; that was between 1965 and 1966”.

Congratulations to Anthony Young, who said the following: “I think this is The Old Bakery on Bath Road in Peasedown St John. Situated on the junction of Bath Road and the turning for New Buildings and Carlingcott, almost opposite the Red Post Inn. I remember Malcom Denning living there back in the 60s”.

Well done to Jonathan Griffin who said, “Hi Folks, this week we're in Peasedown St. John looking at what is now known as the 'Old Red Post Bakery', though back in the day, when the shot was taken it was probably just the Red Post Bakery'. Seeing the horse-drawn baker's van outside had me thinking of 'Two Ton Ted from Teddington. Yeah, sad I know!”

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