Hurrah, the Mystery Photograph feature returns this week! Following it’s suspension in last week’s issue, we know that many of you are keen to finally know the answer to the last edition of the photograph, which was displayed in our issue dated June 26.

We can now reveal that the Mystery Photograph was in fact taken in Welton. Did you guess correctly?

The last edition of the Mystery Photograph was taken in Welton. (Photo: Radstock Museum) ( )

Thank you to the following readers who sent in correct guesses:

Paul Kirkwood, Paul Hancock, Jeff Parsons, Jackie Parker, Rosemary Burchill and Jess Johns.

Well done to Pam Dukes, who said: “I know this week’s mystery picture is of Welton. My gran’s house at Eastmead had not yet been built when this photo was taken. My Mum moved there as a young child in early 1930s from Radstock Road when the houses were newly built.

“The large house on the left is Welton Farm and there is a story that King Charles II stayed there.”

Thank you to Colin Payne, who guessed correctly and said: “The large 17th/18th Century house was 14 West Road, Welton. The cottage, pictured centre-right, was 15 West Road, Welton. My grandparents lived in that house from 1895 to 1963. It was demolished in 1971 to make way for the Welton Grove housing estate.

“The open area on the bottom right hand side of the image was an allotment until Eastmead council houses were built in 1934.”

Thank you to our readers for their guesses and insights into Welton this week. We love hearing your stories and memories of bygone days with each Mystery Photograph feature. If you have an image you think could be suitable for our weekly feature, please do get in touch via email: [email protected].

Radstock Museum provided last week’s photo, and we thank them again for providing another for us to use this week. Do you know where this photo was taken? Submit your answers by calling 01761 258030 or by emailing [email protected].