An infamous 'optical illusion' cycle lane which injured more than 100 people in Keynsham has been 'fixed overnight', a council claim.

The lane was branded 'the most dangerous in Britain' due to the high number of injuries - with locals blaming a 'trick of the eye' design.

Photos show how it appears to be flat at a glance - but actually passes over an elevated pedestrian crossing.

Walkers on Keynsham High Street near Bristol have repeatedly missed and tripped on a 'hidden' curb - which they say looked like a flat line as it is painted white.

Since it was installed by Bath and North East Somerset Council in March 2022, more than 100 people have been injured on it.

Overnight last night April 11 Bath and North East Somerset Council (BANES) began repainting the solid white line as a broken line.

It is in the hoped it will stop the confusion and the injuries. Work was carried out overnight to avoid disruption to firms and cars.

Paul Roper, the council's cabinet member for economic and cultural sustainable development, said: "This mitigation should make the change in levels clearer to pedestrians and prevent further trips and falls.''