Nearly two hundred people made their way to a field in Haydon, Radstock, on Sunday, 6th March, following the recent discovery of a spaniel that had been shot dead. Saddened locals decided to organise the event to show kindness to the dog at his final resting place and to send a message that animal cruelty is unacceptable in our communities.

A petition asking the RSPCA to prosecute the owner had reached over 9,600 signatures at the time of writing, but the RSPCA say they are unable to prosecute because the independent specialist vet who conducted the post mortem found no evidence of other injuries that would show suffering. They have emphasised that they will continue to liaise with authorities to assist with further enquiries and that a qualified vet its the right person to euthanise an animal humanely and painlessly, should it be necessary.

‘Shine a Light for Buster’ saw people come from far and wide, bringing flowers and showing solidarity for our pets.