The team from Avon Fire and Rescue Service (AF&RS) will set off from Bath Fire Station this Thursday (14th September), cycling to Paris in just three days.

Organised by firefighters from Blue Watch Bath, the crew are using their four-day rest period to take on the challenge. The ten riders will set off on Thursday (14th September) after a night shift, and will begin the over 400 kilometre journey across to Paris.

Firefighter Matt Parson’s wife Jessica was diagnosed with breast cancer at just 36-years-old. Matt expressed his passion for the cause, saying: “We’re taking on this challenge to Ride Against Cancer in support of all those who have and will experience this cruel disease.”

Cancer Research UK is a leading charity dedicated to advancing cancer research and improving outcomes. Through collaborative partnerships, cutting-edge research, and a multidisciplinary approach, they drive groundbreaking discoveries in prevention, early detection, treatment, and care. Their unwavering dedication empowers lives and inspires hope for a future where cancer is conquered.

Watch Manager Rich Wheeler, who is one of the ten riders, said: “This is going to be a tough challenge, but we’re all really excited to take it on and raise some important funds for a great cause.”

“We want to support the incredible work of Cancer Research UK, and if you are able to make a donation it would be greatly appreciated.”

You can follow the team’s progress on the firefighters’ Twitter and Instagram pages.

You can make a donation to support the team and read more here.