Developers are seeking to build sixty five houses onto a village in the Chew Valley, although locals are concerned about the strain on services.

The houses would be built in two fields in the north of Temple Cloud, surrounding the houses at the Square.

Two trees in the fields covered by tree protection orders would be maintained, and a field on the other side of the Upper Bristol Road would be developed into a public outdoor green space.

However, some people who live in the village worry Temple Cloud cannot accommodate more people. Anna Dash said: “The village does not have enough facilities for a further sixty five homes.

“The school was recently extended to accommodate the growing population of the village from the recent building of homes. There is no further space to increase the size of the school.”

Several residents were concerned it would put pressure on the village’s GP surgery. Cathy Gray commented: “Cameley Surgery certainly can’t cope with any more patients – can’t get a face to face appointment within two weeks as it is at the moment!”

Not everyone in the village was opposed to the development. Another Temple Cloud resident Lee Taylor commented: “Temple cloud needs more homes. It’s a lovely place to live.

“Links to public transport isn’t a huge issues as there’s adequate buses for those who need them.”

30% of the homes will be affordable housing. Agents of the developer, Vistry Homes, said: “The affordable housing units will be dispersed throughout the scheme and designed to a high quality to be materially indistinguishable from the market housing.

“The scheme will avoid large groupings of affordable homes, instead assimilating them into the layout alongside market units.”

A decision is expected by Saturday, 29th November.

LDRS John Wimperis