Purchasing the final piece of land, which joins Waterside Valley with Haydon Batch, is something which Westfield Parish Council has wanted for a long time.  We are delighted that the completion of the purchase took place this week.

Chair of Westfield Parish Council, Cllr Phil Wilkinson said, “This is excellent news.  We have exciting plans for Waterside Valley and this final piece of land creates a corridor of public open space along the length of Waterside.  We hope it is enjoyed for many years to come.”

If you would like to know more about the Parish Council’s plans for Waterside Valley, the plan is published here: https://www.westfieldparishcouncil.co.uk/community/waterside-valley/

And, if you would like to volunteer for a free workshop on hedge improvements, including hedge-laying at the site, please contact Westfield Parish Council on: [email protected] or telephone: 01761 410669.