A village in North East Somerset is hoping to get the go ahead to install solar panels on the roof of its village hall.

The village hall committee in East Harptree applied to Bath and North East Somerset Council for prior approval to install solar panels on the south and east side of the roof of their 1880s village hall, a two-storey building which hosts the community shop, nursery pre-school, arts hub, and a hairdressers.

The committee has applied to the West of England Rural Fund for funding for the project, but say they will continue to raise the funds if that is not successful. It is hoped the solar panels would help with the ongoing viability of the hall, amid high energy prices.

The plan has the “wholehearted support” of East Harptree Parish Council, who said it would reduce costs for the groups who use the village hall and help lower the parish’s carbon footprint. Writing on behalf of the council, parish clerk Sarah-Jane Streatfeild-James said: “By investing in renewable energy infrastructure, we contribute to a more sustainable future for generations to come.”

She added: “We commend the village hall committee, who are volunteers and give their time for the benefit of the village.”