Bath and North East Somerset Councillor for Westfield, Eleanor Jackson, wrote into our letters column this week to inform residents of her upcoming surgeries.

Cllr Lesley Mansell has sent a photograph over of us both with Postman Pat. My cats are Siamese, and are very glad things are getting back to normal after the election, even though there were lots of Labour Party volunteers in the house (the campaign centre) on Thursday to stroke them. 

I would like to give the residents of Westfield a big stroke, metaphorically speaking, to say thank you because Robin Moss and myself were re-elected, and with the accession of Lesley Mansell in Radstock and Dave Biddlestone in South Keynsham, we can form the official opposition and really get things done. 

In local politics, brains and bright ideas can often count for more than sheer numbers, as I think my success with various local planning applications such as The Shambles and the RADCO re-development prove.

I love getting good ideas (as well as problems) from people who email me or come to my ‘surgeries’. These will be on 13th May, and 27th May  at 10.15-11.00am at Trinity Methodist Church hall, opposite the Elm Tree Avenue shops in Westfield.

Meanwhile, the campaign to save the 82 bus goes on, with the petition going online. It will be presented at the first meeting of Council on 25th May

Thank you all so much.

Eleanor Jackson (Cllr)