Liberal Democrat Councillor for Timsbury, Shaun Stephenson-McGall, thanked residents for voting in local elections on the 4th of May in this weeks' letters column

Can I firstly thank the residents of Timsbury for the trust they have put in me by electing me on Thursday, 4th May to serve our village to the best of my ability as their representative on Bath and North East Somerset Council.  

As the new Councillor for Timsbury Ward can I thank my predecessor, Douglas Deacon, for his 16 years of public service to our community.  I really appreciate the support and help of dozens of local residents in our village with my campaign, whether that was delivering my leaflets, putting up a poster or just talking to friends and neighbours about why I’d make a good Councillor for our Parish.

Over these last eight months, it has been really great to receive such a warm reception on the doorstep, meeting hundreds and hundreds of my neighbours in the village. I aim to continue the conversations and discussions we have had on how to improve our village in partnership with the Parish Council (of which I am also a member).

There is lots to do and not everything will be able be achieved in a few weeks or months.  Improving pedestrian and road safety across the village, tackling speeding traffic and working to secure better, affordable and reliable local bus services will take time, but I promise to keep residents informed on progress on these and other village priorities, and what actions I am taking on your behalf.  

I will be organising monthly drop-in Councillor Advice Surgery’s for local residents, and I will advertise these dates and times in the Timsbury Letter and in the local press once scheduled.

Finally, to those residents who voted for me, those who voted for my Conservative, Green or Labour opponents, and for those of you who couldn’t or didn’t vote, my next four years is about working for you all and being a strong champion for our village of Timsbury!

Cllr Shaun Stephenson-McGall; Lib Dem, Timsbury Ward, Bath and North East Somerset Council