Pride in Paulton (PiP) is a community group comprising seven ladies who are dedicated to keeping Paulton a beautiful place to live, work and visit.

The ladies have looked after Paulton for the last 11 years and recently took on a new project to bring the community together. A few weeks ago, PiP created structures of the olympic rings to celebrate the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris.

They have constructed a podium, with the rings in place and have set up bronze, silver and gold planters. The set up is built at Hill Court and villagers have been encouraged to go and have their photos taken. There is also a structure of five tyres, donated by Central Garage, all painted in the olympic colours and can be seen on the corner of Alexandra Park and High Street in Paulton. 

Explaining their vision, a spokesperson for PiP said: “We got the idea last year and knew that we would need permission from the Olympic Committee. We contacted them and we were really pleased when they said they were happy for us to go ahead with our projects.  We hope people will enjoy seeing the Olympic rings around the Village”.