Over thirty people met with motorcycles, cars, and trikes, at The Kings Head, Coleford, in memory of 16-year-old Charley Bates.

Attendee, Martin Smith said: “It was baking hot, and we were all melting in our motorcycle leathers.

“There were spare yellow ribbons, which we handed out to people with no decorations. We finally set off about 2.45pm with the car, and trike, leading the way.

“We arrived on the Westfield Industrial Estate for 3pm, and it was absolutely rammed. Despite the heat, and motorcycles overheating, everyone was patient, and sharing a true camaraderie.

“The cars set off first, and around one hundred motorcycles followed from various clubs. My sister was riding pillion with me for the first time in thirty years.

“It was very moving... especially passing his parents and waving. I didn’t know Charley but I have kids the same age, and I can’t imagine the pain the parents are going through.

“I was in tears riding past all the appreciative people lining the roads, waving, and clapping.

“The police were holding the traffic for the procession. The motorcycles were instructed not to rev engines or sound horns, I don’t think many people heard this instruction over the noise!

“It was a very moving experience and something I’ll never forget. I was honoured to be a part of it.”

Charley Bates of Radstock was stabbed, and died on Sunday, 31st July in the street. Three arrests were made as part of police enquiries, and an 18-year-old man from Frome, Joshua Delbono, was charged with murder.

Michael Rawlings, event organiser said, “I would like to say a big thank you, to all that came to the Charley Bates slow drive by tribute Sunday 14th, I think it went well and how I planned, and organised it.

“Big thank you to all the bikers, and car owners, you did everyone proud! I would also like to thank the police for helping with traffic, and their support too.

“But a massive thank you, goes to Charley’s family, for giving me permission to do this event in memory of their son and brother on Sunday, and it was nice to meet them. Thank you to Charley’s parents, who was so kind and and Leah, thank you for your thanks, and the cuddle, whilst I gave the speech, and everyone clapped for Charley.

“A big thank you to all that came out on the street, to clap for Charley as we all drove by, and a big thank you goes to all of charley's friends, who met me.”

Friend, Chris Creed, has also set up a new 10k run fundraiser for Charley so far raising over £200, following the one by his other friend Will Lakey, which raised over £23,000.

Chris said, “He was a lovely lad, and we do have some great memories, we used to go to the local skatepark, and have good chats.

“We would also walk around, and he would ask how I am, we would do so many things.

“He was always be here for me, and would walk me back, to make sure I got home safe.

“He would be like a older brother, and always ask how my day was. He was just always here for me.

“I was inspired to raise the money, as he did so much for me, and I feel like I need to give it back to him, and his family, to do him proud. He always had faith in me to do my best, and now I dearly miss him!”

Anyone wishing to donate can follow the link below:

Friend, Chris Creed is doing a 10k run in Charley’s memory.
Friend, Chris Creed is doing a 10k run in Charley’s memory. (Chris Creed)

A yellow bow trike
Yellow ribbons over vehicles to celebrate the life of Charley. (Martin Smith)