Improvements to reduce carbon emissions and increase sustainability at Haycombe Cemetery & Crematorium in Bath has led to a new environmental award from a national body.

Haycombe, operated by Bath & North East Somerset Council, has been presented with the Environmental Policy Statement from the Federation of Burial & Cremation Authorities.

The statement recognises crematoria which are ensuring a greener, more sustainable and eco-friendly running of their service.

Haycombe was one of the first crematoria to install a mercury abatement system in 2006 and since then has continued to reduce carbon emissions wherever possible through its environmental management system.

There have also been ecological enhancements across the grounds of the thirty seven acre cemetery.

The Council is also refurbishing the Chapel at the entrance to Haycombe to create a more flexible building, offering space naturally for funerals but also educational and community events too.

Instead of wooden memorial benches, eco benches that use recycled plastic in their construction are available which require less maintenance. Granite benches sourced from UK materials to reduce the carbon footprint are also offered as an alternative.

Recycling is encouraged at the site with bins placed at regular intervals for garden waste, plastics, cardboard and paper, alongside general waste bins.