A tree surgeon has launched a pioneering mobile app to help UK arboriculture professionals to connect and recycle their wood by-products with people who need it for free.

Since launching in May, arb businesses across UK and Ireland have been downloading and using the app, and hundreds of people have already registered themselves as a 'Drop Point'. Professionals can download the Green Line Arb mobile phone app on both Apple and Android, and anyone can register for free wood materials on the online Portal.

Arb and landscape trades generate huge amounts of surplus wood products, soil and hardcore every day. These materials are always in demand and can be delivered for free, to help professionals to dispose of waste locally, and give people free products to heat their homes or use in their gardens, at a time when the cost of living continues to rise. This sustainable approach promotes the recycling of resources and reduces carbon emissions from longer transportation. 

As a second-generation tree surgeon who took over his family business, founder Nick created the app and portal to solve a long-standing problem in the industry, after experiencing many years of difficulty finding suitable drop points nearby to jobs.

Nick, who is venturing into the technology space for the first time, said: “We know people are in need of the huge amount of wood and materials that come from tree work, especially with costs so high, but finding them is always the problem. So, we designed this app to meet these challenges head-on, empowering and equipping arb and landscaping professionals and creating a network of “Drop Point” sites across the UK.  

“We’re passionate about bringing the arb community together to really help people.” 

Green Line Arb is not just a platform for connecting professionals and the public; it aims to become a thriving hub of information. As part of Nick's commitment to community engagement, the app will be a place for sharing tips and advice on the effective use of materials through the ‘G.L. Arb Blog’. By spreading the word about sustainable gardening and land care practices, Nick aims to inspire people to make a positive impact on their surroundings by using and sharing the free by-products in a creative way. 

Nick added: “We believe that the Recycling Portal will be a huge help to our communities, especially at a time when many people are struggling with high costs. I'm delighted Green Line Arb is now live and so excited to share our platform to positively connect people.” 

Nick Wilson, 35, has just launched Green Line Arb, a rising start-up with a focus on providing innovative solutions for arboriculture and land-based industries. Tree surgery and Landscaping businesses can download the app to find work, staff and tools near them, wherever they are in the UK. And any household who would like to receive free wood, chippings and soil by-products to burn or for their gardens can sign themselves up as a 'Drop Point' on the new Green Line Arb Recycling Portal. Arb businesses can then locate them on the map feature and arrange to deliver directly to them.